One person every six seconds dies, one person every 20 seconds loses a limb due to diabetes related complications.  By the time you finish reading this article four people have lost lower limbs and thirteen will have died.

This is not your usual story about defeating diabetes, Lucas Verhelst takes a bold new approach to the issue in every sense of the word.  Part biography, part manual, part cookbook, this beautifully illustrated story gives us a unique insight into not only the physical issues of dealing with chronic disease but also the emotional demands. 

Spanning over thirty years of living with juvenile diabetes (type 1), this is an epic tale of love and loss and the discoveries made along the way.  A total switch on normal diabetes management, his radical new approach uses a whole-food plant-based diet.  This is supported by the World Health Organization, and avoids the long-term effects of living with diabetes.

Lucas is living proof this approach works.


 “…a beautiful story, with beautiful messages.”

 – Zippora Karz,

former soloist, NYC Ballet.

Author of “The Sugarless Plum”, “Ballerina Dreams”



Lucas Verhelst graduated from the University of Wollongong in Chemistry.  He was a member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and has been living with juvenile diabetes for 30 years.  Lucas and his family live in the Northern Rivers Region of New South Wales.  He leads an active lifestyle free of the complications associated with long term diabetes.

How I Rescued My Life

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